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Influencer marketing utilises social media profiles in your niche to promote your products and brand.


Their audiences trust and value the influencers' opinions: leveraging this makes for an effective medium of marketing.

User-Generated Content (UGC) is authentic content created by everyday people. Brands are repurposing this content as Paid Ads, on social, within websites & more.


UGC took the DTC world by storm in 2022, with 48% of consumers claiming it's a great way to discover new products.

Creators is the general term we use for any profiles we work with on social: either for influencer marketing or UGC creation purposes.


Influencers are anyone who's actively building their social media audience, and can be categorised from nano-influencer (1,000 - 10,000K followers) to mega-influencer (500K+ followers).


UGC creators don't have their own social profiles, and are instead experts in creating content for your brand. These creatives can then be repurposed to target potential customers at any stage of the funnel.

Simply, most brands don't have the right tools, knowledge & existing network to get started.


Before working with us, our clients claimed they struggled identifying the perfect creators; had issues reaching out to creators at scale; and were unsure as to how to handle creator negotiations.


On top of this there's ASA regulations, contract loopholes and follower fraud all to be wary of.


If it were easy, every brand would be running in-house influencer marketing. That's why brands turn to agencies. 


Our full-service, done-for-you campaigns leave nothing to chance.

Absolutely. Influencer marketing returned brands an average of £5.20 per £1 spent in 2021, with the top 13% of campaigns seeing revenue of £20 or more for every £1 spent.

Within weeks, you'll see influencers regularly posting about your products. Audiences begging to find out more. New customers every single day.


But more than that: the proof will be in the numbers. We use multiple analytic platforms to track everything, not just the vanity metrics.


Expect in-depth insights from metrics such as Earned Media Value (EMV), growth rate, consumer sentiment analysis & much, much more...


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