The Health & Wellness Influencer Marketing

We Are The Only Influencer Marketing Agency Exclusively Serving Health & Wellness Brands

Delivering growth by harnessing the power of…

Data flows through everything we do…

From setting target KPIs before campaign launch, through hand-picking the perfect influencers, to measuring campaign ROI:

Our process is data.

Lots of financial sheets and computers

Our hand-crafted approach means your campaign direction is exactly that… yours.

We’ve had enough of agencies taking advantage of brands with their ‘copy-paste’ approach.

The very first commitment we make to our clients?

To build them a unique strategy that’s 100% tailored to getting them to the next step in their journey.

Talking to client on couch

Gone are the days of transactional relationships…

We leverage influencers that genuinely care for your brand by forming authentic relationships.

Authentic Relationships = Lasting Results

What We Offer

Modern influencer marketing campaigns that utilise the tools of macro-influencer, micro-influencer and seeding strategies.

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Why Choose Augmentum?

Extensive Influencer Network
90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
10+ Years Of Health & Wellness Experience
Transparent 24/7 Communication

We Have Done The Works, Recent Case Studies

Your Business Success Is Our Business.
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Business Services
Financial Services Customer Centric Approach.
Inventory Tracking
Inventory Management Maintaining System.

The Numbers That Grow Your Business


per £1 spend

The average return on investment for influencer marketing brand spend in 2021


of consumers


The proportion that have purchased a product/service via an influencer recommendation


social audience


The potential ad reach of Instagram… the optimal platform for Health & Wellness campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing utilises endorsements from personalities who have social influence in their niche to promote your products and brand.

Their audiences trust and value the influencers' opinions: leveraging this makes for an effective medium of marketing.

Influencers are becoming more and more prominent by the day. From VC investment; to starting their own companies; and even to being hired by brands for in-house marketing!

The creator economy is booming, and you can use influencers to grow with it.

Absolutely! It returned an average 578% ROI in 2020, with the better executed campaigns hitting 1300%

Yes, you read that right. That's why influencer marketing has become a prominent part of brand marketing campaigns globally.