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Stop wasting your time with agencies that don’t get you results, or even care about your mission.

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augmentum [latin; neuter noun; awg-ment-um]: growth, increase

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Grow Through Our Extensive Influencer Network

Open doors to the most profitable influencers for your brand. We've partnered with talent management agencies worldwide to give you unrestricted access.


Work With Health & Wellness Specialists

Partner with the only Health & Wellness exclusive creator agency. We truly care about making this world a healthier, happier place.

Leverage Our Gen-Z Founding Team

Capitalise on insights straight from the source. We're the most health-concious generation of buyers yet, helping us build campaigns that truly resonate with your target market.

Claim Real Results for Your Brand

Don't just take our word for it. We've planned, built, and scaled profitable influencer campaigns for everyone from start-ups to 7+ figure brands.


Partnering Exclusively With Health & Wellness Brands

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Influencer marketing


The marketing channel that'll actually thrive through the recession.

Consumers are looking to tighten their spending budgets. The brands that focus on building loyal communities will win.

Influencer marketing does just that. 

You can leverage the pre-built trust, community, and authentic relationships that influencers have with their audiences. The result: attracting, nurturing, and converting more of your target customers.

Best suited for: New & Established brands looking to explore one of many proven strategies for their brand.

user generated content

User-Generated Content (UGC)

People trust People, not Ads.

  • 79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.
  • 85% find visual UGC more influential than brand content.
  • Just 1% of millennials prefer branded content. 

The issue: finding the right UGC creators to work with. Ones that don't charge in diamonds & provide you with dirt.

By working with our pre-vetted list of creators, you get exclusive access to proven top-performers to generate creatives that convert.

Best suited for: Brands/Agencies ready to generate high-quality UGC creatives every month, without having to source, vet, brief & collaborate with 100s of creators themselves.

workshop & consulting

Workshops & Consulting

Born out of high demand.

The creator economy is worth $104B. More than double its value just 3 years ago.

Since being approached to run our first workshop in May 2022, we've realised the growing need to educate more brands, communities & agencies on the creator world.

Fast forward to now, where we run 2-4 hour group workshops & 1-to-1 consulting services for brands, agencies, groups & cohorts in every niche.

Best suited for: Groups interested in learning the essentials of the influencer world & brands/agencies searching for bespoke 1-to-1 solutions


Advanced Biotics

Influencer Seeding Campaign

Hunter & Gather

User-Generated Content Campaign

Quas Drinks

Influencer Seeding Campaign


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